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Advantages of producing energy in cogeneration:

  • Brings substantial profits by producing energy in high efficiency cogeneration.
  • Any tipe of fuel can be used: natural gas, biogas, GPL, diesel.
  • Cogeneration maximises the economy and the usage of non-renewable resources.
  • Depreciation costs for equipment, installation and assembly is done in a shorter time than for any other equipments.
  • The units can be used in island mode (without connection to the national grid), in parallel mode (connected to the grid) or in emergency mode.
  • Reduces pollutants sent into the atmosphere with up to 50%.
  • Reduces energy costs with up to 70%.
  • Can be used with a good efficiency in industry, hospitals, hotels, pools and spa centers, shopping centers and many others.
  • If biogas is used, cogeneration units are suitable for waste-water stations, landfill waste and in agriculture.

Advantages of 2G Bio-Energietechnik cogeneration units:

  • High operating reliability - guaranteed by using of quality engine, generator, heat and electricity parts
  • Compact block design - minimize necessary installation costs, labours and modifications
  • Low noise level - guaranteed by standard delivered supersilent canopy
  • Standard delivery - complete module of the CHP unit, on request with additional equipments
  • Automatic oil refilling system - enables oil refilling during operation
  • The units can be monitored and controlled remotely, via Internet

Cogeneration equipments - generalities
Types of CHP units

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