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acid proof brick linings

Substrates require protection against destruction by chemical, mechanical and thermal load. Wherever chemicals are produced, stored and handled, the buildings and installations must be effectively protected against corrosion and the environment against  water polluting substances.
The best solution is utilizing brick linings offered by B-Team Consult and Services SRL. Our brick linings offer abrasive wear protection and increase reliability.
Acid proof bricks have different dimensions depending of the properties of the area of application (work environment, temperatures, traffic).
We also offer the necessary joining mortar for this bricks. The joining material is chosen by the application area, working environment and mechanical load.

Brick Lining Structure:

- single or multi-layered bond with standard and shaped bricks

- bedding & jointing mass

- impervious membrane

- substrate

The advantages of using acid proof brick linings:

  • they are highly resistant to chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses
  • resistance to aiging, thermal shock resistance
  • they protect the structure's sealing layer, which usually consists of a chemically resistant rubber lining or synthetic resin coating.

General characteristics of acid proof bricks:

  • chemical Resistance to gases, acids and lyes, solvents, mixtures and phase separation, reactions, abrasion by suspended solids
  • very good mechanical resistance
  • thermal resistance, they can be used in transition areas hot/cold and dry/wet

For protection of the impervious layer from heat, chemicals and mechanical damage acid proof bricks with different dimensions and forms are used.

Depending of the application, ceramic-, carbon-, graphite- and other brick and tilling are used. Laying and jointing reaction resin mortars based furane-, phenolic resins and silicate based cement.

The protection given by the acid proof brick lining prevents any direct attack on the sealing layer by chemicals, heat or mechanical effects, and this ensures the durability of its sealing function.


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