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B-Team Consult and Services SRL is the Romanian representative for 2G cogeneration equipments from Germany.

2G has more then 500 CHP (Combined Heat and Power) units installed all over the world.

Cogeneration with thermal engines at small and medium scale is often used to produce electrical and thermal energy throughout Europe.

The concept of cogeneration means the combined production of electric energy and heat.

The main characteristics of cogeneration technology is the high efficiency of energy production and the significant fuel savings as compared to separate production, and this has a considerable influence on both ecology and the economics of production.

Electricity generated in cogeneration units can be used for consumption by the building in which the machine is situated, or it can be supplied to the network.

Heat from cogeneration units is used to heat the building, to prepare hot water or for technological heating.

Cogeneration units are also used as emergency sources of electricity in places where an uninterrupted supply is necessary.

For specials demands, CHP units can be used in tri-generation – the combined production of electricity, heat and cooling.
By means of absorptive coolers it is possible to use heat produced by cogeneration for the production of cooling for technological purposes or air conditioning.

The correctly chosen cogeneration technology is able to save a major part of energy purchase costs for its user, and in the event of the sale of electricity to the network it can earn money.

Types of CHP units

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