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The strengths of our heat exchangers in ®DIABON process equipment graphite lie in their combination of many advantages, which pay off for you in day-to-day service. On the basis of our pooled know-how and experience, we manufacture heat exchangers which are highly efficient and economical in operation. They have a long record of use for heat exchange and mass transfer processes in the organic and inorganic chemical industries and are resistant to acids, alkalis and other aggressive media.
Our know-how in the field of graphite production is combined with our expertise in heat exchanger construction and process engineering design – and you benefit from the resulting synergies. B-Team Consult and Services SRL offers system-based, customer-focused solutions to your problems.

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers have been used successfully for decades in heat exchange processes involving aggressive media.

Plate heat exchangers are particularly suitable for heat exchange processes between two liquids, which may be corrosive on both product and service sides. Their compact design means they are often the only option in confined spaces.

Block heat exchangers supplied by B-Team are suitable for all heat exchange processes. With their ability to withstand service pressures up to 15 bar and temperatures up to more than 200 °C, block heat exchangers are frequently used as heaters, evaporators and condensers.


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