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B-Team Consult and Services SRL, as dealer of some important and experienced steam turbine producer and maintenance companies, offers this steam turbines for Steam-generating stations, Thermo-electric power stations, Refineries, Chemical Industrial Complexes, and for any other area that needs safety and lasting equipments.

A system based on steam turbine consists of three major components: a heat source, a steam turbine and a heat sink.
The most common heat source is a boiler, which can burn any type of fuel or certain combinations of fuels, and produces superheated steam.

In place of a boiler, nuclear reactors can be used. On the other hand, the system can use renewable energy such as biomass or concentrated solar radiation.
Even waste by-products can be burned, provided the boiler is equipped with proper pollution abatement units.
The operating conditions can vary in a wide range. For cogeneration applications, steam pressure can range from a few bars to about 100 bar; in the utility sector, higher pressures can also be used. Steam temperature can range from a few degrees of superheat to about 450°C, and, in the utility sector, to about 540°C. The power output is usually in the range of 1-10 MW, even though higher power is also possible.

Steam turbine systems have a high reliability, which can reach 95%, high availability (90-95%) and long life cycle (25-35 years).
The turbines operate with high power efficiency and they are extremely maintenance-friendly, rugged and long-lived.
Our steam turbines are utilised as classic drive for generators because electric energy is relatively easily distributed to consumers spread over a wide area.

Our steam turbines can also be operated in refuse combustion plant and petrochemical installations to drive generators, pumps and compressors.

Waste materials in the timber processing industry are used as a low-cost energy source for generating steam. The steam produced can be exploited with suitable generator covers the own requirements of the factory or can be fed into the public grid systems.
A turbine machinery plant has a short amortisation times in all fields where combustible waste material arise and is an investment which always pays-off with certainty.

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