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Graphite safety disks offered by B-Team Consult and Services SRL are manufactured from ®DIABON high-grade process equipment graphite.
The highly homogeneous structure of this fine-grain graphite ensures constant strength values in the disks. So that in an emergency they actually burst at their rated bursting pressures.
On request, ®DIABON graphite monoblock safety disks (series N, F and HT) can be supplied with a carbon fiber-reinforced ring flange. This reduces the risk of rupture due to assembly errors and minimizes the likelihood of media escaping from a ruptured ring flange after the safety disk is released.
Our know-how and expertise at every stage – from the production of the graphite to the use of the safety disks in all of their different applications – are incorporated in the disks "automatically".

Graphite ruptures only when it's supposed to
On rupturing, our graphite safety disks have the major advantage of instantly freeing the entire pressure release aperture. There's a reason for optimization the specific brittleness of the ceramic graphite material.

Graphite safety disks can cope with raised temperatures
In safety disks made from metal materials the conformity to rated bursting pressures generally declines with a rise in temperature. This is also true of safety disks made from synthetic resin-impregnated graphite, which is employed for the safety disk series N, D and DV. In these disks, however, the conformity to rated bursting pressures begins to be affected only at temperatures above 50°C. But they are reliable values, as ®DIABON graphite safety disks undergo a much smaller drop in bursting pressure with a rise in temperature than that occurring in most metal safety disks.

Our safety disk series HT and F are designs whose conformity to rated bursting pressures is unaffected by temperature. Indeed, mechanical strength and the resulting bursting pressure in these series remain unchanged over the entire permissible temperature range.

The service life of a bursting-type safety disk is determined, among other things, by the pressure pattern, service temperature, corrosion attack and the difference between working pressure and bursting pressure.
®DIABON graphite safety disks display excellent behaviour with regard to the foregoing parameters:

  • They are almost universally corrosion-resistant
  • They have high thermal stability up to 300°C (series HT)
  • Their material properties give them, in particular, very good creep strength behaviour

Safety disks from SGL CARBON are made exclusively from ®DIABON graphite, PFA (fluoroplastic) and ®SIGRAFLEX graphite foil. These materials are notable for their high resistance to a large number of aggressive media, whereas only very few metallic materials have similarly good corrosion resistance. And those that do are all expensive noble metals and alloys.

®DIABON graphite safety disks are therefore an inexpensive answer for many processes involving corrosive media. What's more, their versatility helps facilitate standardization and storage, which is another factor in the cost-efficiency equation.

The behaviour of bursting disks at elevated temperatures requires these disks to have two properties:

  1. High thermal stability
  2. Constant bursting pressure under relatively severe temperature fluctuations over the entire range of permitted temperatures.

These requirements are ideally met by series F and HT safety disks as they remain thermally stable up to 250°C and 300°C respectively and their bursting behaviour stays constant right across the temperature range.

The range of ®DIABON graphite safety disks comprises five different versions. This means we can make an optimum selection for your particular needs. We can offer you an individual solution for each application and supply the safety disk best suited to your plant.


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