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CEILCOTE 615 CeilGard® adheres – even to rusted steel.

Ideal maintenance coating – it’s a one-coat system you can spray, roll or brush directly over rust or old coatings – even with moisture present.
It’s epoxy for high-performance corrosion protection, flake filled for superior permeation resistance.

CEILCOTE 615 CeilGard® penetrates trough rust to bond with steel substrate.
You don’t have to blast to bare metal. With little or no surface preparation, 615 CeilGard® penetrates trough surface rust and adheres directly to the steel substrate. Conventional coating can’t do this. So their initial adherence is limited and they are subject to undercutting when moisture penetrates.

CEILCOTE 615 CeilGard® is a 2-component system which provide remarkable resistance to moisture and corrosion because of the overlapping flakes in their solids formulations. CEILCOTE 615 CeilGard® provides protection from chemical fumes, spillage, marine and industrial environments.
CEILCOTE 615 CeilGard® available in aluminium and 15 standard colours.
You can apply it to rusted steel and expect long lasting protection.

Typical usages:
CEILCOTE 615 CeilGard® it’s ideal for structural steel/galvanized, such as tank exteriors, for piping, offshore platforms, chemical plants, floating roofs of crude oil tanks, ladders, bridges, water towers and metal buildings.


  • Surface preparation is simple
  • Simple application
  • Very good cost-performance ratio
  • Economical and high-performance maintenance system
  • Gives long-lasting protection from moisture and corrosion, even over rust.


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